Pay Tuition After
You Land a Job

Real experience
Remote learning
Risk free

Launching 2018

With Prota Institute, you’ll learn on live projects, remotely, on your schedule, with seasoned experts eager to teach you industry best practices.

And yes, you only pay for the program after you land a job. 17% of your salary for 2 years.

We believe that students should graduate from school:

  • Debt free
  • With real experience
  • Ready to land a job they'll love


What vocational skills can I learn?

To start, we will be training web developers.

Students will level up their skills using a Unix shell, Git, JavaScript, Redux, and React. From there, we have two focus areas to choose from:

Seriously, I only pay after I land a job?

Yes. We believe our success as a school should be driven by your success as a professional in a career you love.

Remote school? How does that work?

A rapidly growing number of professionals around the world work 100% remotely. Top companies encourage their employees to live wherever they want as long as they can get their work done.

Thus, in the era of HD real-time video chat and screen sharing, 100% remote learning is more than just adequate to prepare students for the real world, it mirrors the future of work.

Real software projects? With actual users?

Yes. As a hiring manager, it’s hard to justify hiring someone with no on-the-job experience. With Prota Institute, you’ll gain valuable skills across a variety of portfolio companies under the umbrella our parent company, Prota Ventures.

What is Prota Ventures?

Prota Ventures is the venture studio and early stage investment firm that powers Prota Institute. The partners incubate companies internally and invest in founders who need additional velocity on their engineering, sales, and/or marketing teams.

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