Advance your skills through hands-on startup experience

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With Prota Institute, you’ll advance your skills within the context of active startups, remotely, on your schedule, with seasoned experts who teach software engineering, product development, and industrial design entrepreurship.

We believe that students should graduate:

  • Debt free
  • With real experience
  • Ready to land an amazing job


What vocational skills can I learn?

To start, we are advancing the skills of web & mobile engineers, product designers/developers, and industrial design entrepreneurs.

(Students of both the engineering and product tracks will begin with an advanced level of JavaScript, Redux, and React.)

Remote school? How does that work?

A rapidly growing number of professionals around the world work 100% remotely. Top companies encourage their employees to live wherever they want as long as they can get their work done.

Thus, in the era of HD real-time video chat and screen sharing, remote learning is more than just adequate to prepare students for the real world, it mirrors the future of work.

How can I apply?

Join our email list above, and feel free to email us directly at and tell us about which track you are interested in, your current skill level, your LinkedIn URL, and your GitHub URL (if applicable).

What are the details of the program cohorts and time schedules?

We are currently filling up our initial cohorts for each track. Spaces are extremely limited for the winter of 2020, so the sooner you contact us the better. Cohorts will run approximately every quarter and will be highly customized based on the schedules, time zones, and skill levels of the students.

How advanced do I need to be to get in to a cohort?

Our programs are not designed for beginners. Engineering and Product students should be familiar enough with Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Git, and JavaScript to pass at least a mid-level code challenge (we'll have you create a small web app, publish it live, and share your git repository privately with us). Industrial Design Entrepreneurship students should have a background in Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, and/or 3D CAD, with a portfolio or website to gage overall experience.

Real experience working with startups?

Yes. Hiring managers have a hard time justifying hiring talent with no real, on-the-job experience. With Prota Institute, you’ll gain valuable skills across a variety of new and existing portfolio companies under the umbrella our parent organization, Prota Ventures.

What is Prota Ventures?

Prota Ventures is a venture studio and early stage investment group that helped create and fund Prota Institute. The people behind Prota Ventures are entrepreneurs that partner with founders who are recruting engineering, creative, and/or marketing talent to build out their team and scale their business.

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